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ProTrac training
Attend our free ProSuite training sessions
We’re organizing ProSuite training sessions, which are given via a webinar.
These sessions will give you more insight into our ProSuite modules!
So if you’re interested in our solutions than this is perfect for you!
This month you'll get more insight into ProTrac on Wednesday, November 18.
- register here for session 1 at 9:30 AM in Brussels (03:30 PM in Hong Kong)
- register here for session 2 at 03:30 PM in Brussels (08:30 AM in Chicago)
For specific questions you can always contact us.
Thanks to ProTrac, all steps in the process workflow are registered/logged. All data from each step (scanning, acknowledge, tightening,...) is stored locally and can be send over the Ethernet network (LAN) to a central server at the production monitoring station.

To learn more register for the webinar
and get more insight of the available features.
station ProTrac features:
  • Tightening
  • Picking
  • Scanning
  • Acknowledge
  • PLC tasks
  • ...
Find out more during our training session.