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ProTight training
Attend our free ProSuite training sessions
We’re organizing ProSuite training sessions, which are given via a webinar.
These sessions will give you more insight into our ProSuite modules!
So if you’re interested in our solutions than this is perfect for you!
This month you'll get more insight into ProTight V2 Advanced on Wednesday, October 13.
- register here for session 1 at 09:30 AM in Brussels (03:30 PM in Hong Kong)
- register here for session 2 at 03:30 PM in Brussels (08:30 AM in Chicago)
For specific questions you can always contact us.
Attend our ProTight V2 Advanced presentation!
After many years of proven reliability we have given our ProTight application a complete makeover.

For this makeover we have put a lot of effort in the user friendliness, ease of use and visual appearance. So join our webinar to get to see live the new user interface and great new features!

During this session, we’ll dive into the advanced features and demonstrated them with some real manufacturing challenges.
Here you find some of the features:
  • Multiple simultanious IO-modules now supported
  • Customizable screen layout even across different screens
  • Available with station or floating license
  • Standard advanced demo’s available
  • 90 seconds out of the box, ready to run
  • ...
Find out more during our training session.