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This month you'll get more insight into ProTight Multi on Wednesday, June 9.
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ProTight Multi
Most people know our virtual tool controller ProTight, that is intended to run on 1 PC and control the complete tightening operation in one work cell. When deploying a full ProSuite solution in a car - or truck assembly plant, there is no place for putting the PC’s at this line. So for this kind of deployment we use our ProTight Multi setup, this means that 1 virtual PC can hold multiple instances for controlling the workstations. So for a deployment of 120 stations, 6 virtual PC can make the job, each holding 20 stations. All visualization is being realized via a webbrowser on a tablet, phone, smartwatch or a google glass alike device. In this webinar we’ll give you a walk thru on this standard solution from ProSuite.

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station ProTight Multi features:
  • Easy installation via the manager application
  • Website to visualize the job content in the workstation, including visual instructions
  • Brand independent
  • Integration with scanner and ProShift
  • Fully integrated with MES via the ProSuite manager
  • Centralized management of job content
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