ProTight training
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We’re organizing ProSuite training sessions, which are given via a webinar.
These sessions will give you more insight into our ProSuite modules!
So if you’re interested in our solutions than this is perfect for you!
This month you'll get more insight into ProTight on Wednesday, September 16.
- session 1 at 9.30 CET
- session 2 at 15.30 CET
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ProTight delivers controlled tightening
ProTight offers process control + traceability with the option to visually guide the operator throughout the assembly process. Combine this with the easy configuration, the appealing price and you have the perfect solution for every assembly company there is.

This is only a small part of what ProTight has to offer. To learn more register for the webinar and get more insight of the available features.
station ProTight features:
  • full process control software
  • full traceability
  • brand compability
    (99% of smart tools on the world)
  • label printing
  • export result to ERP/MES
  • PLC integration
  • ...
Find out more during our training session.