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This month you'll get more insight into ProSuite Detailed on Wednesday, April 27.
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ProSuite Detailed v2
Dealing with complex products and batch of 1 production is more than only digital work instructions, it's all about integrating the customers order details into the whole process of making the assembly process happen. And making sure that the end customer is getting what he ordered. At the end, that is the most important topic when it comes down to quality assurance in the assembly industry.

Delivering what was requested in the most efficient way, with a minimum of effort. That is exactly what ProSuite will deliver to you, a digital platform to make that all happen with a minimum of implementation time.
Curious how we do this, be sure to join our webinar to get some insights on how to start all this, see you soon.

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station ProSuite Detailed features:
  • Integration with ERP and MES
  • Deal with complex products
  • Dynamic workinstructions that will adapt to the customer's order
  • Create single or multiple kitting operations
  • Full birth certificate during and at the end of the build
  • Run all this on your infrastructure on premis or in the cloud
Find out more during our training session.