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This month you'll get more insight into ProSuite Detailed on Wednesday, April 28.
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ProSuite Detailed
During our ProSuite basic webinar we have addressed the basic needs of increasing FTT (First Time Through), in the second part we are going to dive in to some specific options that can be verry valuable.

Mainly when you have needs like the automotive industry where speed/volume is of the essence, and product variability is vastly increasing, we’ll address some very interesting topics.

We’ll address topics like line tracking, inline rework stations, dashboards and reports that you can manage yourself. In this way you’ll get better insight into reasons why bottlenecks, operations or combinations that cause the FTT to go down.

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station ProSuite Detailed features:
  • ProSuite manager easy configuration
  • Dealing with line rebalancing
  • Realtime feedback to quality system
  • Generate a birth certificate of each order
  • Build quality vs checking quality
  • ...
Find out more during our training session.