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ProSuite Basic  training
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We’re organizing ProSuite training sessions, which are given via a webinar.
These sessions will give you more insight into our ProSuite modules!
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This month you'll get more insight into ProSuite Basic on Wednesday, March 17.
- register here for session 1 at 09:30 AM in Brussels (03:30 PM in Hong Kong)
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ProSuite Basic
A lot of manufacturers are dealing with the demand of increasing their first time through numbers. Depending on the complexity of your product and the way you organise your production, ProSuite has different modules to achieve this.

Manufacturers with simple products may achieve this via just having a Basic standalone ProTight/ProTrac. But when you have a very complex BOM and a lot of options you may end up in producing a certain combination once a year.
When that is the case you need an fully integrated solution and ProSuite Manager will act as an add-on to your MES or ERP system and threat every order as a batch of 1.

To learn more register for the webinar
and get more insight of the available features.
station ProSuite Basic features:
  • ProSuite manager starts each batch of one with a MES or ERP order
  • Deal with conditional options, workflows and repair
  • Real time feedback to ERP/MES or quality system
  • Generate a birth certificate of each order
  • Put your Process or Manufacturing Engineer in control of this (NOT IT)
  • Go for zero defects!
So are you ready to “Build quality” vs checking quality,
be sure to enlist for this webinar.