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ProSuite Basic training
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This month you'll get more insight into ProSuite Basic v2 on Wednesday, March 15.
- register here for session 1 at 9:30 AM in Brussels (03:30 PM in Hong Kong)
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ProSuite Basic v2
The new ProSuite Manager has received a big makeover to improve things like user experience, easy to install, online help, faster setup,... But also dealing with complex things, like dynamic assignment of tasks depending on line speed have been addressed in a generic way so everybody can tweak it to their needs. New standard interface have been added to communicate out-of-the-box with existing MES and ERP system. And commercially it is now available as a SAAS package to simplify the lifecycle of the solution.

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station ProSuite Basic v2 features:
  • Process control over the assembly stations
  • Out of the box and configurable by process engineer
  • Print a label at the end of the job
  • Activate only the tool used for the current tasks
  • Check right socket
  • Save birth certificate in PDF or XLS shape
  • ...
Find out more during our training session.