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This month you'll get more insight into ProRepair on Wednesday, July 6.
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ProRepair v2
Inside the assembly process, operators sometimes get into trouble with cycletime and are unable to make all critical assembly steps within the predefined available time. This can be due to unforeseen conditions, missing parts,… important is to build these situations into the standard assembly process, as these conditions are typically the reason for an incorrect assembly.

There are different ways within the ProSuite solution to deal with the above challenges, but the main point is that ProSuite can handle these situations out of the box, you just need to decide what is the best way in your situation, or the best for a certain line sections. And you are good to go!

With the ProRepair station you solve most of the above challenges and inform the repair station operator, about what steps are missing or even inform him before the product is in his station. Automatically the results are updated when they are fixed and reflected in realtime to the current status of the product. To find out more details, join our webinar!

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station ProRepair features:
  • Get realtime status updates
  • Visual instructions for making the steps
  • Disassembly of parts is also supported
  • Reduce the amount of tools by integrating reprogrammable tools in your station
  • Deployment via tablets for mobile applications (parking or offline)
  • Filter only the relevant stations/operations, Good or No Good
  • Manage users that can perform repair actions
  • ...
Find out more during our training session.