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This month you'll get more insight into ProRepair on Wednesday, July 7.
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When a full ProSuite system is deployed in an assembly environment, we provide a lot of predefined functions that are configurable. With ProShift we allow a use the linestop functionality, so a product can’t leave the station when an operation is not completely finished. Some customers however want to allow the teams to operate in an independent way , meaning that they can organize the work in their zone as they want. In that kind of setup, ProRepair will allow that products leave a station with some missing operations, but at the ProRepair stations the missing operations need to be checked and confirmed otherwise the line will be stopped anyhow.

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station ProRepair features:
  • Real time status overview of the products on the line
  • Acknowledgement of missing tasks by a single click
  • Manual input of missing values
  • User management
  • Use manual wrenches and DC-tools to fix all missing results
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