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ProNet training
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We’re organizing ProSuite webinars every month.
These webinars will give you more insight into our ProSuite modules!
So if you’re interested in our solutions than this is perfect for you!
This month you'll get more insight into ProNet v2 on Wednesday, February 22.
- register here for session 1 at 9:30 AM in Brussels (03:30 PM in Hong Kong)
- register here for session 2 at 03:30 PM in Brussels (08:30 AM in Chicago)
For specific questions you can always contact us.
ProNet v2
ProNet helps manufacturers to centralise all the tightening results from different tool manufacturers in one database.

By centralising all data into one uniform database you can monitor all operations from one central cockpit. And also make dashboards and reportings that fit your needs.

To learn more register for the webinar
and get more insight of the available features.
jack ProNet v2 features:
  • Centralise all results in 1 MS SQL database
  • Consult graphs
  • Each result is related to the production serial nb
  • Central management of configuration
  • Realtime dashboard
  • Scheduled reports and dashboards distribution
  • ...
Find out more during our training session.