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This month you'll get more insight into ProControl on Wednesday, August 24.
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ProControl v2
To manage the verification of all the tightening tools in your manufacturing, ProSuite has developed ProControl. This software allows you to drastically reduce the time needed for verifying all your manual and DC tools in production. It will allow you to monitor what tools need to be verified in the near future and it will simplify and speed up the verification process for your technicians.

For each tool, a certification process will be predefined by your quality manager, including the frequency. When a tool has to be verified, the only thing to do, are the following: Identify the serial nb, the correct process is selected, select your calibrated tranceducers from any brand that you’ll use for this operation and make the predefined checks. At the end you’ll receive a full report with all registered values and a label with the expiry date of the tool.

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and get more insight of the available features.
station ProControl features:
  • Speedup and simplify your verification process
  • Organize all verifications in a calender
  • Use different brands to make the verification
  • Keep centralized history of the certifications
  • For smart tools, also register the values from the tools
  • 1 package that includes all, updates, tickets, support,...
  • Organize the tools per line or customer
Find out more during our training session.