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ProSuite assembly software
ProSuite Enterprise PRO V2 is lifting you to the next level!
We are pleased to present our latest development. ProSuite manager in a new frontend, more widely applicable, more secure, more options, greater ease of use, customizable interface, ... All this while maintaining compatibility with various ERP/MES-systems and at the station level devices such as tooling, PLC’s, Gauges, Scales, etc.

With this upgrade ProSuite Manager V2 proves again to be the perfect glue between the customer orders, the process engineer, the operators and their tools.

With ProSuite V2 we seamlessly integrate dynamic worker guidance into your existing ERP/MES system. So the final call on what operations that are being used by the operator are not down to his decision, but enforced by what was defined by the process engineer. Gain speed by reducing the learning period of operators to 20%! And make them deal with complex variants in no time, they just have to follow the interactive workflow.

Now the process engineers and IT can get their certification on the different modules, to maximise the performance of your investment and have a maximum up time of the whole setup.
With ProSuite you build quality and have full process control, it grows with the needs of your assembly line and is now delivered as SAAS with updates and remote support included.

Discover it now on and don't forget to register for our training days.
Exclaimer ProSuite training sessions
Get your certificate by following our hands-on training sessions:
  • Basic ProTight
  • Basic ProTrac
  • Expert
  • Enterprise
You will be informed by e-mail when the training takes place and how to register.
ProSuite grows with
your needs!
From 1 station to ...
Basic with datacollection
connect MES/ERP/... for full production control

More stations
More needs!

Protect your investment!
With a SA you can always upgrade to the last version with the latest specifications!

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