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ProSuite assembly software
The only real open operator guidance solution on the market!
In assembly applications is one of the most common job to tightening a bolt or a screw. For applying the right force on these screw or bolts, there are many smart tools on the market.

The smart tools are only solving a part of the challenge, they guarantee that the force applied on the bolt is correctly. To guarantee the assembly process order and be in line with what the customer ordered we need to add an additional layer, mostly references as operator guidance solution, but It’s finally the link between ERP/MES, process engineer and the operators.
ProSuite provides a complete solution for this setup right out of the box! And what makes us different from the others is that we are not only focussed on a particular brand of tools or protocol, but are completely brand agnostic and allow the process engineer to create and maintain the needed workflows by himself.
So with the ProSuite solution, you can always choose the smart tightening tool that is the best suitable one for the application.

If it’s 0.1Nm or 45.000Nm ProSuite software will control it and get all the final results in one birth certificate at the end of the job.
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  • 2021-10-13: ProTight Advanced
  • 2021-10-20: ProTight V2 Hands-on training
  • 2021-11-17: ProTrac
  • 2021-11-24: ProTrac V2 Hands-on training
  • 2021-12-08: ProTrac Advanced
  • 2022-01-12: ProCollect + reporting
  • 2022-02-23: ProNet + reporting
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