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Motek 2022
Visit ProSuite at Motek in Stuttgard, Germany.
Booth 3215, Hall 3.
At Motek we'll be showing a demo with a full ProSuite Enterprise setup.
This means we'll demonstrate how ProSuite can transform a ERP/MES order content into an operator guidance instruction for each individual order.
Doing so, it's impossible to make a mistake during the assembly.
At the end of each build, we'll also have a full birth certificate of your assembly.

To demonstrate how easy it is, we allow you all to place an order on our website, receive the barcode of your order via email and walk up to our workstation to assemble/pick,
scan, weigh, ... your own personal order.

And of course you can take it all home.
You can find ProSuite at Motek from October 4th until October 7th
station See you all at our booth 3215 in hall3!
For tickets: scan the QR-code, use this link:
Or just send us a mail.