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Follow-up tool verification
When using torque adjustable tools and wrenches in production, one of the main concerns is to check them on a regular basis. Within our ProSuite software we have a couple of modules that can help you with this, depending on the persons involved, you could use one of the following options:
1) ProTight in autocontrol mode: In production operators can use ProTight to make an operation that is called auto control. In this setup a process engineer setups some workflows and the operators will go on a daily basis or per batch to this station. They introduce the expected torque target, make the requested number of tightenings on a transducer and ProTight gives them a proof (including all values) of the operation. This proof can be a label that gets onto the batch document or it can be digitally stored on the network.
2) ProControl: This module allows the follow up of all wrenches and tightening tools in the production by means of the serial number. By introducing all tools in the system ProControl keeps track of all wrenches and their expiry date. When scanning the serial number ProControl will tell the operator to make a certain nb of settings and tightenings that need to be executed on a transducer. ProControl will store all data in a central database and print the needed labels and certificates.
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